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What is water made up of?
Each water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. That is why water is also commonly known as H2O, which is the chemical formula of water.

Does water have any smell or taste?
At room temperature, water is almost colourless, tasteless and odourless.

Why is water also known as the 'universal solvent'?
A liquid that dissolves substances is called a solvent. A substance that dissolves in a solvent is called a solute. As water dissolves many different substances, it is also known as the 'universal solvent'.

How many forms of water are there?
Water exists in many forms, like water vapour and clouds in the sky, waves and icebergs in the sea, glaciers in the mountain, and so on. It is the only pure substance found naturally in all three states of matter.

What is water cycle?
Water constantly moves or circulates between seas, air, and land. When the sun warms the oceans, water vapour rises into the air and forms clouds. Wind blows the clouds over the land, where the water falls again as rain. Rainwater drains through the ground into streams and rivers. The rivers carry the water back to the oceans, and the cycle continues. This is what we call the water cycle.

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